Sanianitos Style – Not just the Bohemian Destination Bride

Photo Credit: Melvern Issac

The Bohemian is often considered the outsider to society and conventional norms. Although not a hippie this identity strikes a chord with lifestyles earmarked by tendencies to revolutionize thinking adopted by knowledge seekers and dreamers with soulful purposes. Usually, they occupy roles in the field of art, music, literature, dance, fashion to name a few than filling orthodox titles in the world of work. Generally, the destination bride who identifies with some if not all of these qualities can be defined as the Bohemian Destination Bride. Trinidad is so multicultural that there is even space for the Bohemian Destination Bride. Moreover, the designer who works on Bohemian accessories for the destination bride is also a Bohemian at heart. Her name is Sanian Lewis and her label Sanianitos is a Bohemian Destination Bride’s dream come true.

Photo Credit: Nnella Stella

Sanian Lewis’ journey took her on a path that commanded her open mind and an open heart. Most Bohemians tend to believe that they have to fulfill their calling in life and so did Sanian. Her challenge to find herself took her from accomplished tennis player to the U.S.A as a student. She pursued studies in Psychology but eventually made a U turn to head for Trinidad to feverishly extinguish the burning desire to live her passion for fashion at Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design. After some time Sanian would complete her academics and end her tenure working at a boutique. Backed by an understanding of people, retail concepts, styling, design and a desire to create from the bubbling ideas swirling around in her mind Sanian Lewis was ready to start her niche contemporary label of accessories featuring her aesthetic of Trinbagonian Bohemian jewelry, flower crowns and sunglasses (including other eyewear).

Photo Credit: Shaista

It’s been almost four years since Sanian has launched her brand Sanianitos. It is safe to say the brand is well received and Sanian has managed to fill a demand by a growing community of Bohemians locally and internationally especially the destination bride. Sanian describes her accessories as unique, bold and unforgettable. She mentions that each island or person, though similar in some ways, has a perspective all their own. Similarly, attention to detail, innovation and interest are applied to each creation without compromising its individual aesthetic. The brand hinges on its foundation; consciousness of local inspirations and consistency in producing high quality Trinbago Bohemian products that reflect the environment’s wealth of culture.

Photo Credit: Sanianitos Instagram

Destination brides who identify with this Bohemian vibe and look should invest in Sanianitos for several reasons. The aesthetic is second to none. Choose from an array of designs for flower crowns, jewelry and “sunnies”. Bridal accessories can also be customized to your preference. The accessory will be produced in Trinidad and Tobago. The bride literally takes away a souvenir that she can actually use on more than one occasion in the future. The bride takes the responsibility of making positive contributions to the destination’s economy by supporting a small business. These versatile pieces can be used for the destination bride’s engagement or on the wedding day (and are picturesque) and they also pair well with resort wear for the bride’s honeymoon. Sanian has also done a more futuristic concept for eyewear with her tinted rosette rimmed sunglasses.

Photo Credit: Crystal Ivy London Instagram

Sanianitos is an exceptional bohemian brand to enlist on the details card for the destination bride’s wedding. This way the bride can select or create a flower crown and note this as the designated design guests can purchase to fit in with the bohemian theme. The bride can go as far as gifting her bridesmaids these items to be worn on the wedding day and many times after. These items would definitely not be left as dust collecting mementos. Flower crowns and sunglasses can be worn in spring, summer and fall if not winter. There are infinite festivals, themed parties and outfits waiting to be styled with these pieces in the owner’s wardrobe. Sanianitos jewelry may have even more adaptability and functionality with the wearer incorporating these pieces year round. Overall, the Sanianitos brand stands as a reminder of the labour of love, soulful attachment and the story of how a fearless woman found the courage to not only listen but act upon her instinct and make her dream a reality.

Photo Credit: Sanianitos Instagram

With jewelry, Sanianitos is combining precious metal clay medium and goldsmith techniques currently in production. The new collection is the first of an AnceStory trilogy. The first story is called The Uli. “Uli” is a feminine art form and a form of communication by the Igbo women of West Africa.  The Igbo considered beauty in-tandem with morality and the women used this traditional art form to enhance and define it, whether on the body as walking canvases, or on houses. It is hoped that the collection empowers and uplifts those who buy them.

Photo Credit: Sanian Lewis

Photo Credit: Sanian Lewis

Photo Credit: Sanian Lewis

The Bohemian Destination Bride can make her Sanianitos purchase at Meiling at #6 Carlos Street in Woodbrook. You can also message on Instagram or send an email to Soon brides and guests will be able to shop online as the brand will look to carve its space on the e-commerce market.











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